25-year-old rapper-singer-songwriter, Jordan Hollywood is heating up and just maybe QC’s secret weapon. Today the Broward County native releases his music video for “FINALLY”, which is the title track off his Quality Control Music debut EP FINALLY!.

The video like the others Jordan has released finds him continuing his trend of cinematic visuals that he co-directs with longtime video director, Christian Breslauer. The opening scene finds Jordan and bystanders at his own funeral and then finds him in the center of a storm. This symbolizes Jordan’s feelings about the people who betrayed him. Even though he is hurt he channels that energy into hustling harder. The final scene displays half the room waking up from a slumber, which symbolizes people are finally starting to take notice of Jordan Hollywood.

‘”FINALLY” has so many different emotions for me. These built up emotions turned me into a new person. “A BEAST”. People counted me out. People turned their backs on me. People have been sleeping on me my whole career. Now people are finally waking up.’

The video follows up “Leave Me” and “Let Me Find Out” which features Lil Baby. The video has garnered over a million views within a week of its release and now has over 7.5 million views total. Check out the video for “FINALLY” below and look out for more visuals coming soon.