Enter the world of 18-year old sensation, Jovanie, a young man with immense talent, following and charisma. With collaborations with Flipp Dinero, Lil Yatchy, Facebook, and Instagram; he is ready to take off in 2019/2020. To pick his prestige mind, me and him sat down to have an engaging one on one where I asked him various things to get an idea of who he is as a person.

If you have a quote that describes you, what would it be?

Cant stop, Wont stop God has me, all the time!


What are five random things about you that people don’t know about you?

  • I’m Vegan
  • I love basketball player
  • I’m one of 9 siblings
  • I’m a avid anime fan
  • Cuba, The Bahamas, and Haiti compose my ethnicity

 What is your zodiac sign and how does that play a role in your music?

I’m a cancer which makes me extremely very loyal to my fans and my emotions in the music I make. Being able to relate to my fanbase on a emotional level really drives the engine for my music. 

 You’re from Brooklyn, New York! How has that influenced your music and you as an overall entertainer?

We created the best of the best ! Look at two of the greatest ever in Notorious B.I.G., and Jay Z. While they gave me big shoes to follow but Brooklyn bred me to perform on a grand scale so glad to be from Brooklyn.
Describe your daily routine, what does Jovanie do on a day to day basis usually?
Yikes! Well, daily I pray and thank God upon waking up then I hit the gym with my pops. After that, I do some vocal exercises, and talk to “AJ Ahmed,” my manager about the daily agenda to really get into the rhythm of the day . For what I do after it depends on vibe. I might be on a flight or I might be in the studio!

What’s your studio routine like? Anything you must do every time you’re making music?

On some random sh*t, I got to do five back-flips in a row (Joking). Honestly, I play the beat to catch a vibe lay the melody and the rest is MAGIC. 

 Your song lyrics usually showcase duality and multiple meanings, what influenced it?

My ability to understand the millennial view since is because I’m one myself. I take grasp of the older generations view from having conversations with them and understanding where they come from. I love to speak from my views on life and also the views of those that experienced more.
 Your music shows you’re transparent in that you’re with letting the listener know who you are through the song. What influenced your transparency?
You Can’t relate to the people if the people can’t truly see your realness. Nothing I put out is not truly experienced or felt by myself. Music serves as a medium for mutual emotions to be shared so as a musician, I share a civil responsibly of making music that resonates to everybody. 

What are your five favorite brands to wear? What about brands to model for?

Of course the Jordan Brand,  Nike, Prada, and some many others to name. However, I got some cool things in the works coming so stay tuned!
What are your favorite movies and TV shows to watch? How have they influenced your music?
Grownish for sure ! I feel it shows how my generation, including myself, deals with life in all aspects and manners. 
As an entertainer, you travel a lot! What Five places would you love to go to perform in the entire world and why?
The United Kingdom because their people have surreal energy! Tokyo, Japan because it’s amazing and anime is alive of mine. Africa would be dope since I’ve a lot of fans there. Toronto because it’s the 6 and Drake is a influence on me! Egypt of course! I want to go to pyramids.

Who or what are your biggest inspirations to pursue your career as a musician?

Justin Bieber because I was able to witness someone in my age group become a mega star in my eyes. Seeing that fuels me and gives me hope that I’ll be a megastar sooner than later. 

If you could make a song with anybody dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Micheal Jackson, he the greatest who ever did it! I would just listen to every piece of advice and direction eh gives me!

Have you ever thought about owning a business and making multiple streams of income? If so, what are some products or services you might sell?

Music is the vehicle I’m using to make me a business and to keep growing as a brand.  Jay Z said it best:
I’m not a business man, I’m a BUSINESS man
Another quote from is: If you’re great at something, never do it for free because how would you able to grow as a well rounded brand? their is power in knowing your value and worth!

What would you tell to a new musician about navigating the music industry?

Put the right team around you, read your contracts and always keep your head up! Remember every L you receive is not a loss but a learning experience to improve overall.
Who would you like to give a shout out to?
 I want to shout NEXXWAVE Music for allowing me to give my fans the music they love no filters! My fans are everything!

Any final thoughts?

MAGIC is out on all platforms, you can find me @jovanie on all social media. Also, catch me on your TV’s, social media platforms, and tour soon!