Were you one of the thousands of people who watched the epic battle between Just Blaze and Swizz Beatz? If you thought that was crazy, chances are you might be in store for another clash of the titans.

Just Blaze tweeted earlier this week that he “just got off the phone with Timbaland,” and he’s down to compete with Pharrell.

The two Virginia-bred legends have created soundtracks to millions of lives for over 20 years, who once were in a group together in high school named S.B.I. (Surrounded By Idiots). They’ve recently been spotted with Justin Timberlake, which can only mean another Timberlake album is on the way.

This could be as good, or better than the previous battle when you think about the hits between Timbo and Skateboard P. This is “Big Pimpin” vs “Grindin,” “Jigga What, Jigga Who” vs “Give It To Me,” “SexyBack” vs “Dem Sugar.”

Just Blaze said that he would prefer it if he could get The Neptunes together, instead of just Pharrell. He tweeted “Tim vs Neptunes would be the real deal. If Chad Hugo showed up I might shed a tear.”

Blaze and Swizz Beatz have been busy, attempting to grab the hottest and most legendary producers in the game for showdowns of monumental proportions. Pete Rock vs DJ Premier has been a battle that many people want to see on this stage.

If Timbaland vs Pharrell/The Neptunes does take place, we’re in store for something that may go down in history as the greatest duel between legends.



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