With the summer just now approaching. It’s an perfect time to get into fresh new music. It’s plenty of trap and soundcloud music out. But not much music out that is pure quality. A lot of people don’t worry about quality it’s more about quantity. Real instruments are just not regular these days. It’s actually odd to see an urban artist playing different instruments. Not to much of that but that’s about to change. With saying that we would like to introduce Juto. Understand his story is very impressive as his music.

Atlanta artist Juto has a hit record on his hands called “Summa”. The record feels like something wrote in a journal. Very personal record that is being shared to the world. He sings about being on a roof and reminiscing about those good times. Juto music gives you that nostalgic vibe. Which means what he creates is timeless music. The hook and the harmonies are catchy and easy to sing along with. Juto is known for recording all his music on his phone. Which is impressive for the quality of music he’s putting out. Juto plays the guitar and produces his own music. Make sure you check out his record “Summa” below.