Kenyette Belle professionally known as K.Belle is a singer that is 17 years old from Highbridge Section of The Bronx, NY. K.Belle is of Puerto Rican, Dominican, and African American Decent. His father’s side of the family is very musically inclined. This is where he acquired his natural musical talent, and his parents decided to get him professional training. He has great parents that kept him away from the streets.

Currently, the talented young singer is managed by Stats who is involved in the music industry, as well as a Music Producer. K.Belle met with his current Producer/Manager Stats and Stats business partner/Co-Producer Sage of S.O/O.N Productions through his Aunt this past summer. They produced most of his current music including “Put Me On”. “Put Me On,” has gotten a great response and has given Belle a great start in his music career.

When it comes to inspiration, Bryson Tiller is an artist that K.Belle is inspired by because of his music having a Trap and R&B fusion. Bobby Valentino, Carl Thomas, and Michael Jackson are also artists that he is inspired by. K.Belle’s music gives a Trap/R&B vibe as well as a 90’s R&B/Hip-Hop feeling. His first project ‘Roll With Me,’ which is an EP, is diverse, will take you on a journey, and tell his story. Belle says, “Hopefully my music will impact a lot of people, and they will feel how I feel.”

Belle’s first performance was at the legendary venue SOB’s in Manhattan this past March 2018. He is also set to do a performance at Star Lounge in Brooklyn, NY on June 2nd. “I want to be known for bringing R&B back…and making music different and diverse…have people who wouldn’t think to do features, do features with each other,”. Belle’s ultimate goal is to move his family out of their current environment. He also wants to be on billboards, go out on tours, and continuing to work with a solid team.

The video for “Put Me On” is currently out on YouTube, and the song is also available on SoundCloud and on It has a 90’s Hip Hop/R&B vibe that will bring you back to the days when music made you feel good inside. The video is set in downtown Manhattan and it brings you to a place of when you were first fell in love with someone. In the video, he is confessing his love to a young woman who got his heart. This video is what R&B needs, check it out!