When Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem- a sort of war broke loose with many picking sides.

Protest has looked like many things over the years. However, protests have rarely looked as peaceful as Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem. Now, there was a time when African American men and women would sit in restaurants in protest of segregation. Yet, there have also been protests from African Americans that were more riots than a peaceful gathering of people standing up for what they believe in. Kaepernick, however, chose the latter. Still, he has been met with much backlash. Kaepernick has been ostracized from the very sport that he has worked to contribute so much to over the years of his career.

Kaepernick has been excluded because he chose to protest police brutality.

Police brutality, as we have shared here, has been especially affecting the African American community. Further, “99% of cases in 2015 have not resulted in any officer(s) involved being convicted of a crime“. So, while police officers are getting away with murder, Kaepernick has been trying to overcome unemployment. Unemployment bestowed upon him because he chose to stand up for human rights.

“Teams found themselves looking for reasons to say no to him and every last one of them found some… But it’s hard to call that something other than blackballing.”

-Jack Dickey via Sports Illustrated

Still, there have been different responses. Some people claim not to understand how someone could sit during the anthem. Yet, Marshawn Lynch also chose to protest police violence by sitting. Further, members of the Cleveland Browns’ team also chose not to stand during the anthem, according to Hot New Hip Hop. On top of all this, Hip Hop musicians, such as J. Cole and T.I. have taken a stand with Kaepernick.

Additionally, with the recent alt-right protest in Charlottesville, and the striking difference in the response from people in position to make a difference in such a situation- many feel it only makes sense to continue these protests during the national anthem. During a time when a sports player’s platform is most powerful. Rightfully so, though, wouldn’t you say? Shouldn’t it be easy to understand that with the multitude of African Americans in the United States’ military fighting for this country- we shouldn’t have to watch them murdered in cold blood?

30% of black victims were unarmed…

The Kaepernick Rally will take place today. Soldier Field could expect to see approximately 5,000 people that are Standing 4 Kaepernick, according to Total Pro Sports. The group also plans to protest at different stadiums throughout the NFL season.

Keep standing up for what you believe in Kaepernick. The world needs it.