Kam’Geez is a rising Boston rapper with European swag like no other. He is pretty much sticking to the script. Staying true to what he was raised on are his values. Kam’Geez is known for his for his street anthems. This time around he slows it down. His new record “Like It Never Ends” is still about the hustle. He shows the struggle with the streets and how he’s a savage with the ladies. Don’t leave your lady around Kam’Geez, she might just come up missing.

With the Boston music scene on the rise. The summer is looking bright for Kam”Geez and his GYB movemet. Kam’Geez deserves the attention honestly. He’s a mix of Meek Mill and Dave East to me. With Kam keeping with foot in the streets and the other in the rap game. Only time will tell where Kam’Geez will land this 2018. With his new distribution deal on lock. The sky is the limit for this Boston Emcee.