Labels are hip to the Boston music scene. Lately the hip hop scene has bloomed. East Coast rap is not what it use to be. Now it sounds a little down south. Lyrics are really not a big part of the rap market now days. Lately. Boston has been ready to show support to a movement. Introducing Kam’Geez and his GYB movement. Kam’Geez is one fly guy and nothing is forced. He only does what he wants and his delivery is unlike no other. He’s determined to show the world he has what it takes. Kam brings lyrics and flows together and it stands out. He can give you a little of everything. Down South rap beats with east coast flows. Kam’Geez is into his fashion and European wear. His videos are always next level. No corners are cut when it comes to his video. They can be aired on TV today far as the quality.

Kam’Geez latest visual for his record “Start At The End” is slick lit. It looks like a nice fall evening out on the country side of Massachusetts. Beautiful scenery was captured in the video. One of a kind sites in this one. Video open up with this beautiful foreign whip riding down this empty street around a lot of huge pine trees. This video looks like a photo shoot that came to life. The part where Kam and GYB are posted in front of this old cabin is dope. Came out very photogenic. Kam’Geez is blowing big smoke in front of a lake. Looking like the boss he is. Kam’Geez doesn’t look like he’s missing a step. With labels waiting to see Kam’Geez take it to the next level and expand his audience. Time isn’t on Kam side but he’s working hard to expand his audience and to get Boston in tune with him more.