As we all know business is never personal. Although Kanye West and Jay-z have had their differences in the past they still considered each other family. Reportedly Kanye is now suing Jay-z’s former label, Roc-A-Fella Records, EMI Publishing, UMG Recordings and Bravado International Group. Filed on January 25, the lawsuit documents are reportedly “heavily redacted”. But it appears the dispute is over unpaid royalties and publishing rights. According to the court documents, the dispute “regards the parties rights and obligations to one another under the Recording Agreement and Extensions”. Kanye is now asking for a judicial declaration under these rights. The second lawsuit claims that the company still owns rights to over 200 songs that he wrote and co-wrote by 2011. In 2003, a year before Kanye West released his debut album, College Dropout he claimed he said a contract with EMI. The lawsuit did not mention which songs he cited or how much money he is seeking. Although we still hope for another collaboration album, it seems as though this family continues to feud.