Kanye West was born on June 8, 1977 near Atlanta, Georgia.

Kanye WestFrom Kon The Louis Vuitton Don to The College Dropout to Watch The Throne to The Life of Pablo, West has continued to leave a trail of substantial signs that he is, and will always be, an Artist all his own.

“The name of my album is called The College Dropout…All that’s saying is make your own decisions. Don’t let society tell you, ‘This is what you have to do.’ Society told me, ‘Man, don’t move from Chicago.’ People told me to stay in school, this music is this, this music is that. I listen to John Mayer, and his song ‘No Such Thing’ is exactly what my [philosophy] is about, but in different words.”  – Kanye West via MTV

The album debuted at number two. Though, various Kanye West releases following The College Dropout, debuted at number one, including Late Registration and 808s & Heartbreak.

Kanye has been in a few controversial situations during his career too though- people still go back and forth over his interrupting Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech back in 2009. According to Oxygen, both Beyoncé and Taylor Swift cried after ‘Ye crashed the VMA stage. Similarly, West visiting the Trump Towers, of course, caused a fuss. At the announcement, there was much debate as to what exactly sparked the meeting and what was discussed in their time together.

Yet, what can never be argued is Kanye’s vision, commitment, and contribution to the Music Industry.

In 2002, he was in a car accident.

“My jaw was broken in three places…I had nasal fractures — I’d be talking to people and my nose would start bleeding. Even to this day, I could start choking because spit will go down the wrong path. That whole area is messed up. But right now I’m healing, I’m just learning how to pronounce words like, ‘What’s up’ with the ‘t’ and the ‘s’ together without it being slurred, so I can rap again…The accident was so painful…” – Kanye West via MTV 2002

West had to have his mouth wired shut. They even had to break his jaw again and re-wire it. However, West still left the hospital and recorded new music. According to MTV, he rapped through his jaw being wired. On top of this clear dedication, and passion, Kanye West has won 21 Grammy’s.


Lastly, ET mentioned that Kanye West has been in the Bahamas with his family to celebrate his birthday this year.

“No work or social media… it’s just what their family needed.” – via ET

After everything Kanye West has been through, and given us in music- it’s certainly good to know he is out here enjoying himself. Happy Birthday ‘Ye!

Anora Blazin