After venturing off into fashion and creating pop culture’s most sought after apparel and sneakers, Kanye West has now taken his talents to the jewelry line. He released a collection of pieces on his Yeezy Supply site which sold out in minutes but a few pieces are still left at the French retail store, collete.

Collaborating with popular jewelry creator Jacob Arabo who is also known in the music world as Jacob the Jeweler, the Yeezy jewelry collection features some amazing pieces at some very high price points. The cheapest piece from the collection is the “This is a God dream” ring which is priced at 2,100 euros and converts to $1,767.16 USD. The collection ranges from a few rings to some very well put together pendant necklaces which are religious pieces such as some Virgin Mary and Madonna and Child chains. You can purchase the Yeezy jewelry collection here.

Check out some of the pieces below.