Kanye West has cut ties in relationship to Tidal due to the neglect to adhere to their financial agreements.

TMZ first reported that there were issues between West and Tidal. It is said that West has not been paid for music videos nor his album contributing to an increase in Tidal subscriptions, according to Bill Board. He is apparently due around three million dollars.

On top of all this, though, XXL is saying it could all be because of Kim Kardashian. TMZ even more recently attributed the dispute to a “Kanye Rant“. This may seem kind of sudden. Though, it has also been stated that Kanye has not been happy with Tidal for awhile now. Kanye West has ended his exclusivity deal with Tidal.

Furthermore, West was seen out with 2 Chainz over this past weekend. So, not only has the professional relationship been questioned, in agreement with statements on BET, but also their friendship.

Is it business or is it personal? Money is said to ruin relationships, but it doesn’t have to, right? Or do you take your money personal anyway too?

Hopefully they come out on the other side of this with their friendship still intact regardless of their business relationship. Watch The Throne 2 would be dope!