Kanye West is one of the most talented and influential musicians in the industry so recording and creating any form of new music has to be somewhat of a joyous occasion for him. The music industry and the critics have been waiting for Yeezy to come strong with some new tunes and it actually may be happening sooner than we think.

According to TMZ, Ye is currently up on a mountain top somewhere in Wyoming looking for inspiration as he prepares to drop some new music. It’s been reported that Kanye has been at that location for about two weeks trying to find his groove for his next creative studio effort. He’s been off the scene since his hospitalization late last year. He hasn’t released an album since his Life of Pablo project drop which set the internet ablaze and as far as we know at the moment, his last musical effort can be heard on Drake’s More Life playlist as he featured on one of the hottest songs on the project which was “Glow.” Not to mention he deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If Ye is indeed about to drop a new album or some type of project, be prepared to see it everywhere. It’s going instantly capture the eyes, ears, and headlines of hip-hop lovers everywhere.