She says that she’s learning. Do you accept the apology though?

If you haven’t seen the video that highlighted this conversation recently then, here it is. Try to not to cringe at the dabbing.

After seeing this, people decided to call her out all over Twitter for using Migos and appropriating black culture for her own gain. The atmosphere is particularly tense because Miley Cyrus disowned hip – hop last month. This is not the first time that her or any other white female pop artist got called out for cultural appropriation. In 2014, she wore cornrows and ate watermelon in her ‘This Is How We Do’ video in what might be her worst instance of cultural appropriation. She’s been the topic of conversation recently and as opposed to many white artists who get called out, she decided to address the issue in an interview with Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson’s podcast. Here’s a snippet of the interview that’s been going viral.


Katy Perry has been doing a nonstop live stream for days now to promote her album and this snippet is part of the hour long interview that was on the live stream. In the interview, she talks about her upbringing, her past beefs and, her ignorance of cultural appropriation. She admits to making mistakes in the past when it comes to this issue and asking for help in understanding what is or isn’t cultural appropriation.

White pop artists have been under the microscope by Black Twitter now for years now. Katy Perry is not the first artist to ask for forgiveness after being accused of cultural appropiation. Many people think that she is just trying regain a fan base that she thought she lost and that her apology isn’t sincere.

Cultural appropriation is as deep rooted in American culture as racism on a whole. However, it is a relatively new trend to see the artists apologizing for it.

The question now stands: Do you forgive her?

Check out the podcast when the episode is released.

Paul Robinson