Kehlani was not here for the BS the other night during her show. All good vibes, no time for bad energy. While performing, a ignorant (cant even say fan) but attendee started yelling out “Kyrie,” referring to the singers ex-boyfriend.


Kehlani’s come back? Amazing! She asked the crowed to “be loyal” to her and point the guy out. She said,ย “Point him out. Turn the lights up. Who said that? Get the fuck out this concert, bitch. Get the fuck out this concert. Take your ass…Security? Security? Who said that? It wasn’t you? Who was it? Point him out. Where is the guy? Y’all better be loyal to me in this bitch. Point that n***a out. Come on, where the fuck he at? Who was it? Who was it? Was it up there? He’s up there. Get his bitch ass outta here. Fuck you…Anyways, we don’t play that stupid ass shit up in here. Come on.”


The singer, who actually is from Oakland, went on live to address the win over the Cavs last night.

Kehlani took to Instagram to speak out on the matter.


after a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats/showing up to festivals in jerseys throwing shit at me and chanting names, bullying my family in school, at the grocery store, walking down the street, shit that I never even SPOKE on because I dealt with my problems like an adult ON MY OWN for once…I finally stood up for myself. After a year of depression and therapy, moving away to a new city because of it, i FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF. I've held concerts where when they screamed a name at me I ran off, had a panic attack and cried. I'm finally confident, fearless and unashamed. It felt good as hell to do what I did, so bring on whatever you want because I'm proud of myself, my team is proud of me, my mom is proud of me. I wish you peace ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ oh… and you couldnt last a day in my shoes. ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿผ

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