Photo Credit: Christian Royce

Keith Lawson, the American creative superstar, uses his talent to tell his story in hopes that it motivates others to live in their power. Growing up in the streets of Southside, Queens, this young highly motivated businessman found himself having to survive on his own. At the age of 12, Lawson was homeless living in the streets. This left him in a devastating mental state, forever changing his perspective on things and how he views life.

The Bronx where Hip Hop was created, was the starting point of his calling and resurrection. The R&B Star began pursuing music and engaging in a lot of community work, to help those who struggle every day to rise up. For many years now he has been performing at numerous venues to build his name up, which has helped him to create a lot of success. Keith Lawson has been blessed with the opportunity to open up for Post Malone, Quinten Miller, Famous Dex, Earth Gang, J.I.D, and many more. Media outlets like Power 105.1, The Source, High Snobiety, Puma, Daily Chiefers,

Bluntiq, Pop Fusion TV in LA, and a couple other indie blogs. Now he is currently in the studio working on his new mixtape called “Lawst”, along with major collaborations with 1017’s very own Asian Doll and Lil TJay from Columbia Records.

Recently Keith Lawson released a brand new video to his latest single “Buss It For Me”, which was shot by Christian Royce. In this video you can find him sitting on the stoop and flexing on a rooftop in NYC, singing to a female he wants to make love to. Keith Lawson let her know he isn’t like the average cat she may have dated in the past. Gang banging is not something he gives his energy to, but he did let it be known that will violate whoever try to disrespect his girl. He lost too many people to the system and the streets, so he works hard every day to make sure he doesn’t become a statistic. Check out the video below people. I’m sure you will all feel the vibe from Keith Lawson with this one.

Instagram: @futuristiclawson
Twitter: @keithlawsonn