12-Week Project Rollout Via Stem Dropped One Song Per Week for the Fans

Portion of Touring Proceeds Donated to Mental Health America

Rising hip-hop artist Kelechi delivers his timeless, 12-track album Quarter Life Crisis – a project that focuses around the common anxiety many of us experience in our twenties over the direction and quality of our life. Kelechi touches on topics such as racial injustice, gang violence, dropping out of college, the fear of letting family down, questioning relationships, and digging further into his faith. A lot of common themes to most of our lives.

Kelechi also launched a website, https://www.quarterlifecrisis.us/, to go along with the album, to bring together people that may be going through something and not sure where to exactly go or who to talk to.

“I wanted people to realize they weren’t alone, that people may be going through something similar, that ultimately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we are here for them,” says Kelechi.

He quickly realized this was bigger than the music, and that this wasn’t “just any album.” It’s special, and we will be donating a portion of our streaming proceeds to Mental Health America.

The rollout of Quarter Life Crisis was unique as Kelechi released each song from the project week by week in order for his fans and new fans to digest one song at a time – similar to how we consumed television before streaming came into play. Each week’s release was treated like an episode, each a chapter of the story, and a different piece of Kelechi’s Quarter Life Crisis.

He gave them the music each week and ultimately, the fans decided which one they wanted to be the big single, which the stand out has been “Eyes on the Road”, which got picked up on Spotify’s Most Necessary & Alternative Hip Hop playlists, and Apple Music’s Breaking Hip Hop Playlist.

Kelechi and his team used the independent distribution company Stem that offers direct, monthly payouts to artists and collaborators on releases. Using their listener insights provided by Stem, Kelechi and team saw that their monthly listeners grew from 53k in August to 70k in September and now to 194k in December. This shows that their release strategy for the project benefited their growth in followers and new fan engagement.

 “The freedom in release strategy really benefited us, and allowed for us to repackage and release it as one cohesive project on Dec 11. We’re excited to move forward with Stem with our future releases as we can continue our creative release strategies that will allow for us to reach as big of an audience as we can,” expressed Kelechi’s manager Jay Campbell.

Quarter Life Crisis Tracklist:

  1. Flowers (Intro) – prod. by Krikit Boi
  2. #000000 – prod. by Ogee Handz & Saydiq
  3. Bang With Us – prod. by Kelechi
  4. Eyes on the Road (ft. K Camp) – prod. by Ogee Handz & Saydiq
  5. You Got Me (ft. Phay) – prod. by Kelechi
  6. Now or Never – prod. by Kelechi
  7. Momma I’m Good (ft. Ezi) – prod. by Illa Jones
  8. Heavenly Mother (ft. Vanjess) – prod. by Kelechi
  9. How Does It Feel? – prod. by RASCAL
  10. Thank God – prod. by RASCAL
  11. Slow Down – prod. by Leno
  12. Flowers (Outro) – prod. by Kelechi