Kells is really in tune to his music. You have to understand he’s a musician and just not an artist. The music flows through his veins and through his pores. He’s been in the service for a while now. He’s ready to show the world that’s just a part of his life. Kells does this naturally and it’s not fake or forced. He creates his own lyrics and composes a sound unlike no other. We need to support more acts such as Kells and give them a platform to be heard. With so much soundcloud rap going around we need a good balance. Kells is a hidden gem waiting on his big break. I’m sure this summer will be a big breakout season for him. Dem the lights and grab your lady because Kells will create the aura for you.

Kells latest release “2am” will have you in a deep thought. May just put you in a trans. Kells is up late and he’s thinking about a female that’s on his mind. It’s 2am and Kells in a long. Singing his heart out over his guitar. The record has a heavy poetic influence behind it. Kells breaks down a few bars and bust some raps. Making sure he connects with his listeners several different ways. He has that D’Angelo vibe going for him. Neo soul with a mix of R&B. This record showcases the potential Kells has in the music industry. He just has to stay consistent on his releases and the sky is the limit for Kells. This record is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more from Kells.

Kells vibes out with his guitar pulling those strings. This record comes from Kells heart . You never hear a man point of view on love. Ladies are going to love this one. Check it out below.