Trenton NJ Artist Ken Love has been tearing up the Tristate music scene for quite some time now, specifically after showcasing his versatility along side young artist Smooky Margiela, during his Madman tour. And later Hoodrich Pablo Juan during his MonyPowrRspt tour. Though to
Keep momentum going Ken choose now to release the highly anticipated visual for single “Downfall”

The 3 minute visual shot by Konsc! Filmz
features Ken’s strategic lyrical precision paired with some rather interesting harmonies and melodies – the uniqueness of his infusion definitely makes him stand out in a time where music can sometimes feel stagnant.

Lucky for us we able to exclusively premier the single here! Check it out below

More on Ken
Ken Love began his music career a little over 6 months ago. After the tragic passing of his brother. For him music Became a form of therapy  allowing him to work through the pain and frustration he faces. the now 20-year-old artist fuses his rapping abilities with some interesting harmonies and melodies – definitely allowing him to stand out in a time where music can sometimes feel repetitive