With music and mainly hip hop. It’s about keeping a balance. Staying pure and real to who you are. Not to many artist open to being honest to the world. Letting them know they are human and go through the same. With saying that Atlanta is the home of Soul Rap. Think about it you Outkast and Goodie Mob. That era really put Atlanta on the map in a major way. But now the wheel is turning and now it’s this generation time to make noise. I believe we may just found the answer. Doing research I ran across one dope artist originally for Virginia.

Kenzie Tarantino is now based in Atlanta, GA. So much talent is in Atlanta. I mean all around in areas you wouldn’t imagine. Now the outskirts of the city is getting noticed. The suburbs to the hoods are in order. Right now it’s really a great music scene in Atlanta. You can find exactly what you like. Kenzie just dropped something good for the soul. It’s his video for his record “Sunset Over The Valley”. It’s well composed far as the beat produced by @tllbrwn. Feels like some old Kanye the backpack ye. Kenzie Tarantino opens his heart and his soul and lets you know. He takes over this junk yard of cool vintage whips. Rapping out his heart til he wakes up from a dream. Stop overlooking real hip hop and get in tune with Kenzie Tarantino.