Kevin Hart is not here for Bill Maher. Apparently a lot of people aren’t after he dropped the “N” bomb on his show the other night. When asked if being a comedian gives Maher the right to use the word, Hart said “No.” “You know, I curb myself now simply because it’s a different day and time. You can play the freedom of speech thing all you want, and we can play the ‘we’re comedians, it’s a joke’ thing all you want. Ultimately, we know what we’re saying and you know the backlash that can come from it.”

Hart went in on Maher’s bad decision making saying, “I’ve seen Bill Maher come to the defense of black people on several occasions,” Hart said. “That’s a bad judgment. Granted, I don’t think Bill Maher is a racist, but that’s a bad judgment. It’s inappropriate and it’s not right. To say that and to say it the way you said it as comfortable as you said it in a joking form, you’re wrong. Granted, you can issue all the apologies you want, [but] you know he says it around friends. It’s not something that he’s not going to say anymore. But for you to say it on your platform, that’s tacky.”

The controversy started when Maher referred to himself as house n****” when jokingly invited to “work in the fields” of Nebraska. He apologized and Sen. Al Franken pulled out of a forthcoming Real Time episode. Ice Cube mentioned that he was going to speak with Maher about his choice in the word as he was and still is scheduled to be the guest.