Kierra Luv is putting on for New York in a major way. She’s only 16 and her videos are going viral. She is spitting like with aggression and she’s not letting up. Her IG is at 55k followers and that’s how I ran across her latest video. Kierra Luv has a baby face but her rhymes give you a Meek Mill, I’m coming straight at you flow. Her delivery is solid and this baby face gangster is just getting started. She’s Puerto Rican and I here Bronx is rocking with her heavy. To be this young and focused the sky has no limits for her. She could be the next big thing in rap honestly. It’s no female rapper out her age going this hard.

Kierra Luv latest video “Bag” is going crazy on IG and Youtube. I’ve seen the trailer for the video and it’s eye-catching. She’s posted in front of a Bentley with her friend. The video for “Bag” is pretty much a heist treatment. Kierra Luv and her friends look like they got into somebody crib and robbed him for the bag. They tied the guy up and looks like they are about to get lit. Throwing stacks of cash to celebrate the heist. Kierra Luv is on to something. I’m sure record labels are trying to sign her now. Question is will she stay indie or go major. With sitting at 55k followers on IG. Signing to a label would help her build up her buzz quicker. With her being so young I’m sure she is still developing. Who knows what she will sound like by the age of 18. She a co-sign away from being the superstar everyone knows she can be. Stop sleeping on Kierra Luv and support. Make sure you check out her latest video below and leave a comment on her Youtube under the video.