Aww man.

It has now been reported that Kim and Kanye’s marriage is currently on the rocks. Usually I would say, don’t all marriages go through their rough patches (not that I would know)?  But, this time it may be a little deeper than an argument. Allegedly, the two are thinking about calling it quits.

KimYe reportedly had a huge argument the other day causing Kim to leave their home and has not returned since.  Supposedly, she took the kids and went to stay with her mom-ager Kris Jenner; Kim is said to be over Kanye and believes that he needs professional help.

According to an inside source, “They fight all the time but this is different. This is the end. She is growing to hate him and thinks he is a different man than the one she married. She knows he needs help and doesn’t want to leave him while he is down, but Kim cannot stand it anymore. She wants this nightmare to be over.”

Kris has reportedly told Kim not to make any sudden moves, especially since the new season of KUWTK has just started, but if I was Kim, this would be it for a while for me.