A senior defector (traitor) from North Korea Kim Jong Un said in an interview that Un would “press the button” when asked about the global turmoil related to the North Korean nuclear program. He went on to quote the leader further, saying basically all it would take for North Korea to start a world war was him to “think that his rule and dynasty is threatened.”

This act of intimidation towards Los Angeles, the second largest city in the country, is just the latest saga in a long line of threats turned bluffs from the dictator. While the man maybe the laughing stock of thousands of meme pages across the internet, these threats should not be taken lightly and international governing bodies need to speak up in unison and disarm this entire hostile situation before someone makes a terrible decision.

I say this especially because Trump is trying use our relationship with China as leverage to try and “force” China to “deal” with this issue but our commands in chief must have forgotten that we are the ones who owe China ungodly amounts of money; not the other way around Vice President Mike Pence has already spoken about it and says the “era of strategic patience is over” in regards to our bizarre and hostile relationship with the communist state or North Korea.