In the phone interview below, the Philadelphia native spoke about his motivation in music and what he’s hoping to get out of his musical journey.

1. When did you start your career in music?
I’ve always been into music for as long as I can remember. I used to make lil raps and show ’em to my pops. But I’ve been rapping seriously for like two years.
2. What influences you?
Just seeing different rappers (established and upcoming) live life how they wanted to off of music. Making different opportunities off of their passion.
3. How many projects have you put out already?
Although I been taking it serious for 2 years I’ve dropped 1 mixtape and 7 videos. 1 year was more of a fallback year to reinvent my brand.
4. Who currently do you think has a big influence/buzz in the industry?
There’s too many rappers that have influences in different ways to name. But to me right now it’s the young people around my age like, Lil Baby , Lil Durk , NBA Young Boy. Of course the older cats like Meek [Mill], Drake , Fabolous still have influences, but to me the music is changing and those are the faces of the new generation.
5. Who is your role model?
If I had to pick somebody as a role model it would be Meek! Maybe because I watched him grow as an artist coming from where I grew up as a kid (Philly) the influence he had on the city then going global was big to me. Also his music helped me a lot especially when I was down and out. He helped me get through a lot of times when I felt as tho I was losing, it was his hard work and dedication that kept me focused on changing my situation and becoming a winner even when all the odds were against me.
6. What motivates you and your music?
My struggle, my daughter, future kids, just basically the struggles around me including my close friends/family. I knew I had to be the one to fix everything, that’s mainly why I made my single “Leader.” I felt like I had to step up and make a way for everybody to eat.
7. Where do you want your music career to take you?
I just wanna be able to create life changing opportunities for my people. I wanna make family businesses so my people can be bosses and live how they want verses the life America wants us to live. Also I wanna be able to have enough money to make something beneficial for my community. That’s definitely something I stand on , where we from there’s really nothing good going on we need more opportunities for the youth, They Are The Future.
8. What do you value more, fame or money?
Money for sure! I’m not big on fame at all. If I could chose I would wanna be rich with no game. I’m more like a low key dude. I just know that fame comes with being a big artist.