-Micia G

Detroit artist King-V sets the tone for honest emotions with a soulful underground sound. SABALI, his first project  release opens the door for dialogue, and listeners are able to gauge various levels of persistence throughout different situations presented lyrically. SABALI translates directly to patience in the Bambara language, West African dialect originating in Mali.

Inspired by fellow Detroit Hip Hop and soul musicians such as Dwele and Slum Village, King-V allows the mid-western underground roots to shine through this project. Producers include Azoth, a Lansing, Mich native who developed skills under the guidance of J Dilla and Knwledge, as well as Detroit native DJ Meftah who’s knowledge of the music scene provides richness to his sound.

“The last generation of Detroit Hip-Hop and Soul played a crucial role in my love of music and development as an artist. So before I move on to different things, I had to make the project with the set of sounds that I perhaps love the most with my own personal style and give a fresh perspective to the world of samples, chops, loops and flips.”
 All five tracks offer a different yet distinct listen, giving the world a true introduction to King-V’s authentic, homegrown style.  SABALI tells the story of an artist growing and learning the art of patience. Each song explores the theme under a new lens providing a different outlook on life’s ups and downs.
“While making  “SABALI” I wanted to create something that could bridge the gap between underground beat culture and modern soul music.”
The EP’s leads with track titled Patience athe single. SABALI offers listeners a smooth journey from beginning to end yet holds on to elements that add roughness and grit, balancing the Hip-Hop soul sound.

Stream SABALI below: