Kingpin Ozzy is making sure he puts St Louis on his back. Not to many artist you hear coming out of St. Louis. Coming out the midwest is not easy. It’s really not a structure or platform other than SayCheeseTV supporting indie artist. Kingpin Ozzy is taking a different approach to being heard. He’s making sure that he builds a relationship with different blogs. So far it’s working for him and he’s building a solid momentum. Really can’t name any up to date artist coming out of St. Louis.

King Ozzy sound is a mix of everything. You can tell he’s been influenced by music in a big way. He was born in the early 2000’s but you can tell he knows his music. Which is a beautiful thing. Not many young artist pay respect to artist that came before them. King Ozzy latest project “Planet SteeZ 2”, shows that in the intro. The project is like a roller coaster with plenty of those up’s and downs. It’s something on here for everyone to relate to. This 7 song project will have you rocking all night. The vibes are pure and not forced one bit. Looks like a star is on the rise. Right in front of our eyes. Make sure you do not sleep on this project. He’s worth the time. Peep what had to say about this artist.

Kingping Ozzy is back but this time he delivers his latest project “Planet SteeZ 2”. You do not want to miss out on this lit project. You can tell the music comes from a genuine place. This 7 song project has something on it for everybody. The record “Post Man” is getting the most love off the project. Kindpin Ozzy opens up the project showing how much love and respect he has for music. He’s been inspired by a lot.