Km Kash of Spring Valley is ready to change the music culture.

The 21-year-old artist released his remix to Meek Mill’s “Save Me” just yesterday showing his gritty sound coupled with lyrical strength.  #YouShouldListen

KM Kash’s unique voice gives listeners that ‘’old New York battle rapping’’ feeling back, easily turning heads for new perspectives from listeners who have overlooked his talent. Putting in a ton of time into this newest remix, and it seems to have truly paid off for him.

Spitting tons of back to back bars, flowing up with a soulful verse that goes into details about his thoughts, KM Kash rhymes “… lost my N*gga you know I’m hurt forever/got me rocking with a stick like I play lacrosse.” Expressing the deep pain felt from the past experiences endured after losing his close friends to violence, as well as obstacles that caused people to switch up on him. It’s not a surprise that KM Kash use his platform to reflect on his lifestyle, as most artist do; and future hopes for his family, helping him to grow into the lyrically-talented artist that he is.

The remix is mainly dedicated to KM Kash’s most personal tragedies that have played a major effect on his career. In the beginning of the track, he remembers his mother asking him about how he was doing, but he couldn’t keep his mind off his past hardships; going into details about how he felt after he lost his close friend. The song can easily reveal the emotions that KM Kash felt on a day to day basis.

This year, KM has been putting in work with the release of his mixtape “PLAY 2,” breaking over ten thousand downloads and streams. There has been rumors of an EP dropping later this year.  Make sure to be on the lookout for the Spring Valley-native.