“On My Own” sounds like an old-school New York vibe that is slept on in our age of new music. KM has always found a way to deliver nothing but bar-to-bar delivery in all his tracks throughout this year. He desires to make a mark on our music culture, in my opinion, that is admirable and should be recognized.

KM owns his own lane and his newest release of “On My Own,” sounds like something you’d play when you are turning up at the club or just trying to get ready for the weekend. These types of songs coming from KM are new since he usually releases tracks about his past experiences in the trials and tribulations he has faced.

The new and different sound that KM is bringing is unclear but keeps everyone listening satisfied. The production behind the track is done by Ty Luminosity who has been playing a major role in KM’s career. The two have been working closely together to make the perfect sound, from KM’s ability to delivery nothing but heat from his raps, all the way to Ty’s way to producing the perfect beat to go along with KM’s sound.

Make sure to look forward to more tracks from KM Kash and his very talented producer Ty Luminosity. There isn’t no slowing down for these two until they have left a mark on the music culture to bring back the old New York hip-hop sound that everyone is missing out on.