Written By: Bryson “Boom” Paul

Kornbread is a So-Cal Emcee by way of the Inland Empire. Inspired by his surroundings and life’s experiences he paints a poignant picture of both tragedies and triumphs and all things in between. This Westside native thrives on inspired creativity outside the box in all facets of the music. From song conception to production and writing, all stages of the creative process are with purpose.

Being co-founder and 1/3 member of the Los Angeles based rap trio “Those Chosen”, Kornbread was able to experience hip-hop from the perspective of many different walks of life and demographics. From gaining local notoriety, working with Grammy Award producers, and even personal battles with mental illness – he has tapped-in to all of these experiences and creates a fresh yet gritty narrative.

Often described as “Raw” and “Edgy,” the California rapper captivates the listener by being genuine and relatable. From his early years of experiencing losses through gang violence, drugs and sickness, Kornbread developed an empathetic outlook on life. Finding solace in music.

Work-ethic, integrity, and creativity is the foundation behind Kornbread’s music. Tap-in to the superlative mindset within the beats and bars of this Californian. Let the music speak the narrative.

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