Tyga is back in the tabloids as it has been reported that he and girlfriend Kylie Jenner have now split up, againi. A source claims the two have reached a “off phase” in their relationship, saying, “They tend to take little breaks all the time and then get back together. It’s definitely possible they’ll work things out again.”

The inside source went on to say, “There’s been no sign of Kylie. Tyga reportedly moved into a new Hollywood Hills home last week and has been partying and having people over every night.”

Last October, Kylie Jenner got a chance to speak with Complex calling her and Tyga’s relationship her “first real mature” coupling. She said,

“The first year we started hanging out everyone around him told him not to be with me. I still get comments like, ‘Don’t be with him.’ People will hate on our relationship, but we’re not doing it for the public—we love each other. We have a love for each other like I’ve never felt before.”

So maybe Kyga will get back together! These two clearly love each other.