Following their recently released debut tracks ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Yajirobe Trap Bag’, L.A. rap duo Sensugang are back with a brand new single titled ‘Melon Juice’, taken from their forthcoming and now anticipated debut EP, Chaos Control.

Maryland-by-way-of-Los Angeles, Sensugang are made up of producer/artist Yung Sensu and rapper/songwriter Gangaroo Pouch, and inspired by the infamous ‘Senzu Beans’ from classic Japanese anime Dragon Ball Z. Much like the ‘Senzu Beans’ regeneration powers, Sensugang are creating music to rejuvenate listeners, and give them a boost from everyday struggles.

In contrast to the quick-fire rapping on ‘Yajirobe Trap Bag’, and showing their artistic versatility, sensugang take a more measured yet assertive approach on ‘Melon Juice’. From the sparse bass-heavy production, to the melodic and commanding rap flow, to the infectious chorus, ‘Melon Juice’ will leave you singing “I don’t need hoes, I got bank rolls” along before you even know it.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Melon Juice’, Sensugang say:

“The record comes from a place of financial loss… Gangaroo had just got hustled by a prostitute on backpages for $300, which is the same amount he was used to losing on a bad night at the ‘sino. Being pissed at the situation, Gangaroo agreed that, ‘I don’t need hoes, I got bankrolls’. ‘Melon Juice’ is an anthem you can throw money to, without being in the strip club, it’s for all the bad jaunts with a regular job, I’m proud of y’all”.

Listen to “Melon Juice” below.