Ghostface Killah drops his first video in years as a feature on the song “Decapitation Chamber” by Detroit emcee Lazarus. Lazarus has been building his name in the underground rap scene for years. His recent songs with D12 and Royce Da 5’9” made big waves on Russell Simmons’ All Def Digital channel. Lazarus has recently built ties with the iconic Wu-Tang Clan and has been on tour with and recording with the one and only Ironman himself. In a generation of rap where hair color and mumble raps run the show, Lazarus is an emcee of the new generation holding firmly to the Hip Hop that he grew up on as his verse describes when he says “I refuse to be immersed in idiocracy and being raised in the ‘90s is my curse.”
It is intriguing to see Lazarus hold his own with the rap god and maintain the energy and presence of a top-tier emcee. The instrumental, which is produced by Rebel of KhanArtists, is a throwback to ’90’s boom bap with the reminiscent eerie Wu-Tang styled sample. The visuals provide a Quentin Tarantino styled backdrop to a vicious anthem that describes cutting off rappers’ heads much like the Clan did back in the ’90’s with songs like “Protect Ya Neck.” Old school Hip Hop heads will eat this record up. But how will the new generation respond to such an ominous threat? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, Ghostface and Lazarus tear this beat to pieces and this visual will definitely be one for the books.