Leak Money and Juice Escobar are buzzing out of South Florida’s Miami and Broward county. They are simply known as “Leak and Juice” within the music world. Although these areas that present inner city obstacles, these young men remain living a positive life in their early 20s. The story begins, as two young boys, meeting on the football field. Instantly, the two built a strong friendship as they both possess a drive to want better for themselves and others. Together, Leak and Juice explained their motivation is to help at risk youth make better decisions and choose the right path. 


In 2018, Leak and Juice started taking music seriously. As a result, they began releasing videos for a few singles. Including, “Mo Bands,” “Envy Me,” and “No Time” all collectively earning almost 200K views on Youtube (similarly on Soundcloud). These views came organically, without a big budget or headlining any festivals.


Inspired by Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, and Future the rappers believe in the concept of being entrepreneurs and entertainers. Therefore, they signed to their own indie label, Making Major Moves including emerging rapper 6ixSavage
“Love of the Money” speaks on the notion of what Leak and Juice would do if they came up on a lot of money. Would they flip it, invest, or splurge? The track was produced by Carl Paul and the single is making noise in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the classic film, “Paid N’ Full,” the visual is coming soon. In addition to Leak and Juice’s debut EP dropping this fall, it will feature the new trap single.


Take a listen to “Love of the Money” below.

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