Last night’s shocking events sent the internet and news websites into complete disbelief.  As reported yesterday, at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, U.K. a bomb went off killing at least then 19, now the number has climbed to 22 people and injured a total 59 concert-goers, according to NBC News.

Police say that the bomb took place outside of the arena and it caught concert-goers as they were exiting. This tactic ultimately led to massive chaos inside the venue. The majority of Grande’s fan base are teenage girls so it’s sad to think that they were the innocent ones caught in the middle of this travesty.

“We have been treating this as a terrorist incident,” Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Ian Hopkins told reporters. “Our priority is to establish whether he was acting alone or as part of a network.”

The attack has been officially labeled as a suicide bombing as ISIS has now claimed to be apart of this tragic event, although they have yet to disclose any evidence of their ties with it. Earlier this morning a 23 year old man was arrested because cops suspected that he was linked to the attack.

There aren’t anymore leads as far who was involved or who orchestrated the attack, but as the week continues to play out, we will keep you informed.

See what Ariana tweeted shortly after the events took place.

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