LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team has been labeled as one of the best basketball players to ever play the game. Not only is he a great talent on the court but he is an exceptional business-minded individual off the court. After producing multiple TV shows and making appearances in films, he is now taking his talents to the documentary lane.

LeBron’s production company, Springhill Entertainment, will be teaming up with cable TV network Showtime and award-winning filmmaker Gotham Chopra to create a three-part TV series based on the the influence and motivation that the history of the NBA has had on global pop culture.  Maverick Carter, CEO of Springhill Entertainment spoke on the development of the project and the showcasing of the platform.

“We developed the idea for these films because of the incredible, generational impact some of the NBA’s most successful players have had on every aspect of American culture,” Carter said. “Gotham is the perfect filmmaker to bring these stories to life, and Showtime is the right platform to showcase how they were able to transcend the game and shape the culture in an unprecedented way.”

The series is set to premier in 2018.