NBA superstar LeBron James is making the best off his offseason with some serious power moves. He and his partner, Maverick Carter as well as the rest of the team over at Springhill Entertainment will produce a comedy series for HBO, according to Deadline. The series will be based on two friends who own an up-and-coming sneaker store in the heart of Los Angeles where they will face multiple challenges associated with the overly obsessive sneaker culture.

The show will be written to by Shawn Wines and Lemon Andersen, two well-known script writers who have lent their hand in multiple pieces. Shawn Wines will also be in charge of executive producing with LeBron James and Maverick Carter while Lemon Anderson will be serving as co-executive producer.

In other news in relation to producing, LeBron and Springhill Entertainment are also in the process of creating a documentary for Showtime which will showcase the impact sports has had on pop culture over the years.