The Stretch & Bobbito show was almost a right of passage for New York emcees in the 90s. From Biggie to Nas to Jay-Z to Big L, the sheer amount of talent that graced that show in the golden age of NYC hip-hop is just staggering. After many years off the airwaves, however, the dynamic duo, comprised of Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia are making their voices heard again. This summer, the two will be hosting their own NPR podcast.

The trailer says the podcast will cover “art, music, politics and sports…and everything in between.” These guys have hosted some of the most legendary live hip-hop broadcasts ever, so it goes without saying that I am beyond excited to hear what they’ve been up to and who they like in the game these days.

Check out the trailer below and then peep my favorite on-radio performance ever, Jay-Z and Big L live on The Stretch & Bobbito show.



Emmett Krauss