While Lil Peep’s passing may be the first you’ve heard of the Artist- his following is undeniable.

With over 400 thousand YouTube subscribers and almost 80 million views- Lil Peep was in his bag. He had discovered and crafted a sound that resonated with people. Even now, in his sudden physical absence, Peep’s life, and music, continue to reach countless lives. Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) said the loss, “really hit [him] hard”, saying, “[Peep’s] so young“- and “young” Peep was indeed.

Lil Peep died on November 15th at 21 years old.

On the evening of November 15th, the musician was scheduled to perform in Arizona. However, he was found deceased on the tour bus before rehearsal. He is said to have overdosed on Xanax. According to NY Times, Peep’s vulnerable combo of Emo and Hip Hop made him “one of pop music’s brightest and most promising young talents…”. Now, though, Peep’s legacy shines light on “the addiction epidemic“. Additionally, Peep’s death has made the debate of old school Hip Hop versus modern Hip Hop hotter than ever. Pete Rock blames “disrespect” on today’s music and says that “there is no substance to the music”. Rock also stated that the “hip hop pioneers” did not use “pills or syrup or anything synthetic”.

Diplo, Daz Dillinger, Post Malone, and other celebs have all shared their thoughts on Lil Peep’s life and passing.

Ultimately, though, according to Peep’s brother, Peep was happy with his life and Peep’s death was an accident.

Over time, we have seen Artists across all genres share different perspectives on drugs.

“…and even though I sell rocks- it feels good puttin’ money in your mail box…”

-Tupac via Dear Mama

“…she took a xan-y then she fainted…”

-21 Savage via Rap Saved Me

Ultimately, Kurt Cobain died due to a heroin overdose. Mac Daddy (Kriss Kross) OD’d too. Though not fatal, drug abuse landed Lil Wayne, Eminem, and many other musicians in the hospital. That said, what’s more substantial than authentic art? Just last year, according to the CDC, over 60,000 deaths in the U.S. were drug overdoses. Though, the toll was less than 20,000 from 1999 to 2015- can we really blame music for drug abuse? Also, as stated in Bill Board, “Drugs will always play a key role in human existence because human existence will always be hard. People use substances to escape reality…”. Art imitates life, right?

One thing is for certain, though, Lil Peep’s passing seems to have created a fresh wave of urgency to heal the current state of our nation’s mental health. Rest in peace, Peep.