If you haven’t heard about the tragedy that happened in the Bahamas with Fyre Festival then you definitely missed out a good and humorous story.

Fyre Festival was suppose to be the festival of all festivals. Attendees were promised one of the best musical experiences of all time and with good reason – the tickets to attend were $1,600 and more. Other outrageous things such as a $1 million treasure hunt were put into place to help spice things up and acts such as G.O.O.D. Music, Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Kaytranada, and Blink 182 were set to perform. There was also food that was suppose to be provided by top chefs and travel plans for the concert goers to and from the private island of Frye Cay. If all of this sounds way too good to be true, that’s because it was.

The attendees who payed thousands of dollars were greeted with cheap sandwiches and relief tents contrary to the luxurious accommodations that were advertised. Also, tons of flights to and from the Bahamas were cancelled and there were wild animals in the concert area according to some of the festival goers. Hours before the show was slated to start, Blink 182 tweeted that they weren’t going to take part in the festival and cancelled their performance. From that point on, things continued to go downhill.

Ja Rule and his partner Billy McFarland are currently taking a major hit for this let down and rightfully so. Although Ja doesn’t have much of a bad reputation when it comes to business, we can’t say the same for his friend Billy McFarland. According to Better Business Bureaus’s website, McFarland has a long history of complaints against him for bad business moves. Now, him and Ja are facing a $100 million lawsuit. Not to mention they have both been officially banned from conducting any form of business in the Bahamas going forward.

It’s a sad day when you get banned from one of the most luxurious and eventful places on earth.

Check out Blink 182’s tweet below.