This past Thursday, Marshawn Lynch sent out this tweet:

For good reason, many were speculating that big news was soon to come and the following day, it definitely did. Friday, the news broke that Beast Mode and his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders have agreed to terms. Not too long after that, multiple sources were bubbling over social media with talk about the deal having never happened. The news was further enforced when prominent Seattle radio host, Dave Mahler tweeted that he got a text from Marshawn’s agent and that “there is no deal.”

It seems as though this is happening more and more in sports. Athletes trying to break the news before some random local reporter gets their hands on it seems like a good idea in theory but when the player jumps the gun, it only clouds the rumors even further.

There is, however, a lot of optimism in the air that Marshawn’s journey home as an NFL player will be finalized soon but it appears as though we’ll have to wait a bit longer to see any of this potentially come to fruition.