Have you ever found yourself wanting to attend a concert or festival but couldn’t for whatever reason(s)? The chance of seeing your favorite performer live on stage is an exhilarating experience that no true music fan should have to miss too many times. Especially when catching a hot performance is now right at your fingertips.

The accelerating age of technology

The best part of technology is its constant evolution. No matter how sophisticated or state-of-the-art a product is, it can always be improved. This has led to the implementation of ground-breaking techniques in not only science but also music and art. Storytelling, through films and music, has moved from the realm of reality into a virtual space that is accessible to anyone.

The success of this virtual model of technology can be gauged by the fact that seasoned and highly popular festivals such as Coachella and TomorrowWorld have begun to incorporate it into their programs. Wristbands and other wearable techs that control lighting, visuals, and even cashless transactions are becoming commonplace.Hologram performances and 3D projections are also on the rise. This has ensured art connoisseurs to engage and connect with any event that ignites their passion, even if they aren’t able to attend it live.  And like everything else cool, its sure to catch-on; soon to make its way to the other collectives.

Virtual reality at music festivals

Music brings people together, and so does technology. What happens when you combine the two? Absolute magic! The joy of listening to your favorite rapper or singer, and be able to watch them perform on stage is now no more a distant stretch. You need no longer worry about breaking the bank to pay for your love of music.

The startup, YouVisit has taken virtual reality to a different level altogether. They aim to provide users with a unique adventure that exposes them to the world while sitting on their couch at home. One of their successful projects has been providing VR trips for TomorrowWorld, an electronic music festival. While electronic dance music is widely popular in Europe, it’s still easing its way into the American music scene. TomorrowWorld is trying to bridge this gap by introducing the electronic dance music genre and giving artists and music lovers a chance to experiment with and experience it.

SFX Entertainment, the owner of TomorrowWorld wanted to extend the reach to fans who often miss out on festivals/concerts, as well as those who just want to experience it over and over again. One way they’ve achieved this is through their massive collection of videos available on YouTube. They also live-stream their shows to get audiences anticipating for what’s in store next.

YouVisit created a camera rig mechanism that can capture high-definition 360 photos at any show/festival types. The rig is fitted with multiple DSLR cameras, providing photos from all dimensions giving an absolute live experience as if in person. Walking the grounds, milly-rocking on the dance-floor, watching the sunset or standing directly next to the DJ, is all virtually possible now through the program.

The idea of YouVisit is not just to recreate a music festival event, it’s to take audiences to places where they don’t seldom go. Anyone can tear up the dance-floor in a club or concert venue, but how many can see what the DJ or even the performer is actually eyeing? That’s what YouVisit is trying to emulate. A 360-degree experience like no other.

The advantage of YouVisit’s unique virtual experiences is that they can be viewed from any device. From a computer browser to your smartphone, there’s no medium that can stop you from experiencing new and innovative music. With the introduction of VR, SFX Entertainment saw a huge boost in user engagement and ticket sales for their 2015 event, leaving audience members thirsty for the next event. VR also helps them stay connected with fans even when the shows are off the schedule.

The future of virtual reality

Virtual reality cannot replace the real thing – of getting that overall live experience. But it is the next best thing; an encounter of the reality. Virtual reality can give a music festival a new artistic channel through which music lovers discover new dimensions in the field. TomorrowWorld, along with YouVisit, seeks to create more avenues to bring the stage to the audience.