Neither Lil B nor his NBA player curse are here for the disrespect of hip hop icons, even if it’s from 19-year-old rookies.

Laker’s rookie point guard Lonzo Ball has been under fire lately for his refusal to listen to “real hip-hop”. In a clip from his family’s new reality TV series, Ball in The Family, Lonzo says, “Y’all outdated man, don’t nobody listen to Nas no more.”

This isn’t the first time the young NBA star has been in the news for his music tastes. Back in July he tweeted out that 21 Savage’s Issa was a better album than Jay-Z’s 4:44, much to the chagrin of those who felt he was wrong for even comparing the two in the first place.

Lonzo’s 4:44 tweet either went unnoticed or ignored by Lil B, but it’s clear that Nas slander never will.

The BasedGod had originally believed that the comments from the TV clip were made by Lonzo’s outspoken father, Lavar. But when he realized that it was actually Lonzo who said “something about nas that was not of the highest respects concerning hip hop”, he tweeted:

Lonzo’s little brother and high school phenom Lamelo, who’s clearly well aware of the effects of the “BasedGod’s Curse”, copped pleas in defense of his older brother by tweeting:

Lamelo wasn’t alone in defense of Lonzo, as rapper Earl Sweatshirt also tried to keep Lil B from affecting Lonzo’s rookie campaign:

Let’s just hope Lonzo himself issues an apology to Lil B before the season starts so he can avoid “The Curse”.


Therence Bien-Aime