Lil B Is A Legend.

After years of negativity between Lil B and NBA athletes not on the Warriors, we finally have all positivity. Today, on a special NBA Finals Sunday Episode of First Take, Lil B came on to talk about the Warriors, the Raiders, Kevin Durant and, lifting curses off of James Harden and all it took was Molly Qerim.

There are a few key things to note from today’s interview.

    1. Look how things have come full circle as it was the same crew from SportsNation that interviewed Lil B a few years ago with a brand new Molly Qerim filling in that day that interviewed Lil B today on a much more popular show, First Take. They came up. Check out the first interview below.
    2. Lil B wore a suit. Not a blouse, a suit.
    3. He said that the Warriors are going to win their first title. Either he feels like a lot of people and doesn’t count the first ring, made a mistake or, doesn’t really watch basketball and reps the Warriors for the Bay.
    4. Lil B clearly stated that he lifted the curse off of James Harden specifically for Molly. He was very strict about what needed to be done before the curse was lifted off of James Harden and he changed all of that for Molly. I don’t know how her man Jalen Rose feels about all of that but, it’s probably all love.

After the show, Lil B took a picture with Kevin Durant’s mom who was a guest on the show today, as well. I don’t know how he was able to pull that off. She must be a very forgiving woman. At the end of the day, the curse beefs were fun while they lasted. Check out the Lil B First Take interview below.

Paul Robinson