Lil Baby Is The PREACHERMAN: A Documentary Review

The black community has become accustomed to turning disenfranchisement and suffering into triumph. This not only applies to the entire African diaspora spread throughout every continent but defines the entire concept of hip-hop as a whole. From Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Fives’ ‘The Message’ to Lil Baby’s ‘Narcs’, we utilize our artistic outlets to expose our grim realities flipping them into celebratory moments. Unfortunately, not all of us get to overcome the harsh actualities of our existence. Fortunately, Lil Baby [Dominique Jones] was able to do just that. And in this WorldStar Exclusive documentary entitled PREACHERMAN directed by Manson Lovett and executive produced by Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas and Kevin ‘Coach K’ Lee, we get direct insight on Lil Baby’s rise to prominence in the music industry.

Lil Baby’s Mother x Pee Explain It All

Baby’s mother, LaShawn Jones, speaks openly about our son’s upbringing throughout the half-hour documentary stating how big of an influence her step-father was to the now 4PF/Quality Control artist. At a very early age, Lil Baby became financially motivated after witnessing and becoming aware of his mother’s struggles to provide a stable foundation for their family in Oakland City, Southwest Atlanta. Rolling dice and gambling became a muse for Baby during his adolescence which later graduated to the distribution and selling of narcotics in order to help his mother make ends meet.

Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas’ Appearance

Throughout the doc, Quality Control Music co-founder, Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas, made several on-camera appearances not only to show support for his artist, Lil Baby, but to shed light on his own story as well. Pee goes on to tell the story of his experience selling crack for the first time in the fifth grade and how his mother suffered from a cocaine addiction and his father’s fall to heroin leaving him to develop his own outlook on life.

Pee also mentioned that prior to entering the music business, he had been jailed a total of ten times and sent to prison three. While coming up in Atlanta, the now Billboard Executive of the Year, never thought of hip-hop as a respectable source of income and looked to the dope boys as motivation for his actions.

Later in the documentary, Pee admits that it was Coach K that thought Lil Baby was the prototype for a hip-hop headliner when they were in the developmental stages of QC The Label.


Prior to becoming one of hip-hop’s most revered new artists today, Lil Baby struggled immensely with the law. At a young age, he found himself in the midst of the prison industrial complex for charges such as possession of stolen property and drug possession. In just two years, Baby racked up a total of five charges. Which later took a toll on his mother who not only had to cope with her son being in a maximum security prison but barely had the means to visit him during his stints in jail.

It was later mentioned by Pee, that following his legal troubles he took his talents to the booth and was able to drop five mixtapes in only 13 months.

Quay Global Cooks It Up

One of Lil Baby’s main producers, Quay Global, makes an appearance in the doc explaining how the two met and how his infamous ‘Cook that sh** up, Quay’ tagline came to fruition. Quay and Baby also detail how the two came together to create his breakout hit single ‘My Dawg’ which made it to number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January of this year. Inaudible calligraphy went on to reveal that Lil Baby’s ‘Yes Indeed’ made it to number one on the charts eight months later.

The doc also reveals Baby’s song making method as it is closed out with his revelation of uplifting the people around him while avoiding conflict for the sake of his toddler son. Baby’s mother then goes on to admit that her son always had something to say, christening him the PREACHERMAN.


Lil Baby’s expeditious maturation and willingness to expose the dark truths of street life in his music at the tender age of 23 is just a small sign of the unimaginable capabilities and potential for him to be hip-hop’s next generational personality. With that said, watch PREACHERMAN above for yourself.

If Lil Baby continues to deliver quality music, the possibilities are endless. Respect.