Lil Baby Suplex is on to something. His sound is melodic put really feels light. It’s not a heavy effect on his voice on this one. For the last 3 or 4 months Lil Baby Suplex made an impact on several blogs. With the progression he’s showing let’s you know he’s ready to be a superstar. He’s acting that Trap Pop sound heavy and it’s clicking for him. Doesn’t sound forced one bit. Comes off natural and fun, I’m sure labels are at his door.

Lil Baby Suplex new visual for “Pop Star” shows him getting fresh. Fresh line up and even went to go get his feet done. Watch the fast life of Lil Baby Suplex in one motion. The graphics match the energy of the record perfectly in the video. So many colors in the video to make it pop. The visual also has a lot of odd random clips. Gives it that vintage meets futuristic vibe. The song talks about how Lil Baby Suplex has been gone for a while. But he’s back and this time without his baby. Feels like a welcome back heartbreak record. Gives you that EMO vibe a little. Not too much for my blood to listen in. Catch the aura from Lil Baby Suplex in his video for “Pop Star” below. This one is worth the watch and keep an eye out for more. He’s sounding determined and the video premiered on Elevator. Doesn’t get better than that.