As we enter an era where creativity and individualism reign supreme, we are ushering in a new generation of entertainers that are reshaping the sound, premise, and direction of music as we know it, we are presented with yet another phenomenal talent whose musical imprint will be legendary, to say the least.

California’s Bay Area is home to a plethora of well-noted musicians and rappers, however, it’s been said that next up is  Lil Jay, the Oakland-based Money Rich Entertainment star. Not  only does Lil Jay’s musical sense bring him to the forefront but his unique fashion sense paired with his energetic and outgoing personality has truly begun to set him apart. Much like his father, Sam Bostic who is an accomplished multi-platinum producer whose discography boasts platinum hits for everyone from the late Tupac Shakur to E-40, and Master P, Jay is carving out a sound of his own allowing him to stay artistically loyal to himself and his supporters.

“My sound is ME as a person I rap what I feel, I have seen a lot and done a lot.  I talk about real sh–, real situations not all of em are my personal experiences. Some from my brother Kuda Mack, my Mama and other family members, friends, people close to me growing up. I’m very energetic. I’m a young rockstar jump in the crowd, slam the guitar type sh–!  I love to turn up sh–. I make music for the people to have a good time and it be a memorable moment the first time they hear my music or see me perform live”

Listen to his latest track “Me and Lil Bae” below, and be sure to tell us what you think.




And check some more of his music out on his Soundcloud.


Jocelyn Rivera