Lil Wayne Talks About Drake Sleeping with His Girlfriend

Recently putting out his memoir, Gone ‘Til November, where he talks about his eight month incarceration on Rikers Island back in 2010, Lil Wayne talks about being blind sided by Drake‘s admission of sleeping with Wayne’s then girlfriend in a journal entry entitled, “As a Man.”

I woke up still feeling f–ked up about the f–ked-up day that I had. Hell  is what it was! I’m used to arguing with my girl on a daily basis…but finding out that she f–ked Drake was the absolute worst thing I could’ve found out.

In a new on camera interview, Tunechi opens up about the situation stating he is still in contact with his former significant other and explains the difference between having a side chick on the inside and the outside. The beginning of the interview is hilarious, because Wayne literally had no clue what people were talking about when they asked him about the situation.

Watch above.