F1LTHY Releases Lil Yachty New Single 4 Days Before The Release of Upcoming Album ‘Teenage Emotion’

Teenage Emotion is scheduled to be released Friday, May 26th and to add on to the hype already surrounding the album, Lil Yachty releases another single but this time through Producer F1LTHY’s SoundCloud. ‘Yea’ featuring Key! of Two-9 is the 5th single to be released from the album following ‘Peek-A-Boo’, ‘Harley’, ‘Bring It Back’ and, ‘X-Men’. F1LTHY provided a different sound from the previous singles and Key! provided the energy with his ad-libs which contrasted the VERY laid back bars from himself and Yachty.


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The album has received a lot of attention just as Yachty himself since he hopped on the scene with ‘One Night’. From the title, to the album cover, to the actual music on the album, everybody in hip-hop has had something to say about the album meaning that everybody is probably going to check it out just to judge it if for nothing else. However, at the end of the day, Quality Music = Quality Revenue. Check out the single below. It bangs.


Paul Robinson