Written By: Ayo Sash

This up and coming duo has taken a different approach in today’s music by mixing EDM with hip-hop. New Jersey’s Lill Twinn has been in love with EDM ever since he could remember. Philadelphia native, Mizzy Coke has expressed a love for music at a young age as well. They crossed paths at the studio and produced three records together the day of and later on became a team.

Their new single “Whisper Song” has received over 10,000 views already on major platforms. Their charisma, style, and vibe is diverse; this is why they have been so successful in selling shows and gaining exposure. Their lyrics are authentic to millennial’s and it puts their listeners in a zone to have fun and enjoy life. In their music video, they are partying and having a blast acting as delivery men. This shows the vibe they are trying to give off which is a relaxed yet upbeat tone.

We made the record in less than 20 minutes. Afterwards we were jumping around for joy because we felt like we had made a hit record! We finished the rap part but we didn’t have a chorus so Twinn went back in & literally freestyle the chorus which he whispered in 1 take so we called it the “whisper song”. There’s a classic movie called “Lover boy” where the pizza boy sleeps with a bunch of older ladies after he delivers the pizza.. we loosely based it off that & the girls were down so we did it. We want to continue being creative, funny & unique with hopes that our fan base expands throughout the world so we can stop laughing at our own jokes & be icons.”

Needless to say, with this duos imagination and creativity they are unstoppable. Fans are drawn to their vibrant personalities and want to enjoy their mix of humor and music.
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